PayPal Integrations with Cloudify

Paypal Integration
crm system

With CRM systems

Integrate Paypal with your CRM systems to manage your subscriptions, automate payments by sending payment links, sync your product catalogues, and more just with a few clicks.

How does it work?

When orders are placed in your webshops, the customer information is populated in your CRM app. You can add the customer details in the subscription list and this will help you create customised quotes and send payment links automatically to the customers.


You can create a subscription or recurring billing for an order made on your ecommerce store.


You can directly bill your customers from the generated quote from the Paypal account and send all payments to your Paypal account that is linked to the CRM.

Paypal Integration

With accounting systems

Integrate accounting apps with your Paypal payment account to track your payments, generate invoices with payment links and also keep track of your business sales automatically.

How does it work?

You can create and send invoices with payment links automatically, along with managing customer information through the integration functionalities.


When an order is placed in the webshop, the details are transferred to the Paypal account for automatic invoice creation with the payment link.


The customer information can be used in the accounting app, who has already placed an order or made a purchase, to create an existing customer or update one once the payment is done.


Benefits of integrating PayPal with Cloudify

Sync data

Sync data

Automatically sync data between PayPal and the integrated app of your choice.

Customer info

Customer info for marketing

When you receive payments for any orders through PayPal, you can use the customer info for marketing purposes.

Automatic emailing

Automatic emailing

Automatically add PayPal customers to your email marketing as new contacts.

Managed subscription

Managed subscription

Integrating PayPal with business accounts can let you manage your subscription options and decide on the billing cycle of the customer.

Looking for a Payment integration partner?

Cloudify helps you integrate PayPal with a wide variety of apps like ecommerce apps, accounting software, and many more that showcases the adaptive combinability of the app.

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