Previsto Integrations with Cloudify

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With CRM systems

Integrate Previsto with your CRM app to manage the complete route plan for your deliverables and save time as well as money.

How does it work?

When there is a closed deal in the CRM app, you can automatically track the customer’s location for order delivery through Previsto.


There is an automatic route creation of orders in Previsto when a deal is closed in the CRM app.

With accounting systems

Integrate accounting apps with your Previsto account to automatically create and send invoices from the accounting app once the order is enrouted and delivered.

How does it work?

You can create and send invoices automatically from the accounting app when a route is planned in Previsto.


Invoices are created automatically in the accounting app when there is a route planned for the deliverable.


Benefits of integrating Previsto with Cloudify

Improved planning

Improved planning

Previsto integration lets you plan your tasks well and execute the task in the best possible way.

Schedule tasks

Schedule tasks

You can schedule all your tasks in one calendar for better planning and management of the tasks.

Eliminate paperwork

Eliminate paperwork

Make your operations more streamlined with the paper-free environment of Previsto.

Document management

Document management

Manage your documents in your accounts department by integrating with professional apps.

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Cloudify lets you integrate Previsto in the best possible way – with CRM apps, accounting systems, and other third-party apps and lets you enjoy the best integration features.

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