Syncro Integrations with Cloudify

project syncro.

With project management systems

Integrate Syncro with your project management apps to automatically create tasks for your teams and keep track of every task assigned.

How does it work?

When there is a new RMM alert in Syncro app, it adds up a card or task in the project management app.


When there is a RMM alert in the Syncro app, a card or board is created in the project management app.


You can list appointments in the project management app from your Syncro app.

Accounting syncro

With accounting systems

Integrate Syncro with accounting apps to create new invoices automatically.

How does it work?

You can create and send invoices automatically through the integration functionalities.


When a new invoice alert is made in Syncro, you can create a new invoice automatically in the accounting app.

Marketing syncro

With marketing systems

Integrate Syncro account with email marketing app so that you can send automated emails to targeted customers on adding their details to the app’s subscriber’s list.

How does it work?

Sync your customer data between the marketing and Syncro app to carry forward the marketing campaigns.


Automatically add customer details to the campaign subscriber list in Mailchimp, when a new customer is added in Syncro.


Benefits of integrating Syncro with Cloudify

Generate leads

Generate leads

Easily integrate lead generation form with Syncro to generate leads and store the customer data.

import contacts

Import contacts

We enable transfer of customer data and inventory items with Syncro integration.

Automate daily workflows

Automate daily workflows

With Syncro integrations, you can streamline your daily tasks and leverage the built-in tools.

Automatic meeting booking

Automatic meeting booking

Automatically book meetings without sending emails to most of the customers.

Get the best out of Syncro Integrations

Cloudify lets you integrate Syncro with other third-party apps and let you explore invoicing, customer management, automation, scripting, remote access, email marketing, etc.

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