Tripletex Integrations with Cloudify

Tripletex Integration
CRM systems

With CRM systems

Integrate Tripletex with your CRM systems to automatically populate your Tripletex app with customer information and automate processes like creating invoices, orders, or quotations or adding invoiced customers to a specific mailing list in the CRM where a deal has been created in the pipeline.

How does it work?

When your CRM is populated with customer data, you can automatically create invoices, draft orders, and quotes and send them to the customer for further action.


You can manage your campaigns and get real-time data about the campaigns by integrating Tripletex with the CRM app.


Once the contacts are created/updated in the CRM, they automatically get updated in Tripletex, including billing and shipping addresses.


Any item that is listed in Tripletex will be uploaded as a product in the CRM app, with the functionality of one sales price being mapped in CRM as the standard price.


The sales orders from the CRM with their current status will be synced as Tripletex sales orders.


Payment methods will be synced from CRM to Tripletex for sales for automatic invoice creation.

Tripletex Integration
icon webshop

With Webshops/E-commerce stores

Integrate Tripletex with your webshop and ensure that your webshop customers, products, invoices, and inventories are synced automatically. You can also transfer your orders, create and send invoices, and manage credit notes.

How does it work?

When an order is placed on the webshop, it is automatically transferred to the accounting app or Tripletex in the current case. An invoice is created against the order, with or without the option for payment. Accordingly, the customer and product details are updated according to your needs.


All customer details, such as shipping address, billing, contact details, etc., are synced to the Tripletex account.


All the product listings are updated and synced with Tripletex with all details. Any modification of the products in the webshop reflects automatically in Tripletex.


The exact inventory level is maintained by the real-time stock updates from Tripletex.

Sales Orders

All webshop sales orders will get instantly converted into Tripletex sales orders.

Order fulfillment

The e-commerce stores' shipping methods and charges will be fully mapped with Tripletex so that customers can track their shipments and view the order status in real time.

Tripletex Integration
Marketing syncro

With marketing systems

Integrate Tripletex with your inbound and/or outbound marketing system and automate your email marketing by adding customers to the outbound mailing lists when they have been invoiced.

How does it work?

When the generated leads or customer data are populated into the Tripletex account for invoicing, the customer details are further synced into the marketing app’s mailing list.


When an order is placed in the webshop and the details are updated in the Tripletex app, they are transferred to the marketing app, where you can set up targeted email campaigns.


The customer information can be used in the marketing app. If the marketing app is linked with the CRM and Tripletex, it can also take customer information from there and launch email campaigns.

Tripletex Integration
icon inventory

With inventory and production management systems

Integrate Tripletex with your inventory management system to ensure automatic stock, inventory, and production management. This integration lets you sync data in your Tripletex account and create an invoice when a new order is delivered in the inventory management app.

How does it work?

Sync your complete inventory and import your sales orders by integrating Tripletex with inventory or production management apps.


When an order is marked shipped or delivered in the inventory management app, it also gets updated in Tripletex.


Inventory sync with Tripletex lets you keep track of the stocks and stockouts.

Order fulfillment status

Once the shipment is complete or delivered, the Tripletex account updates the status.

Tripletex Integration
Easy payments

With Payment systems

Integrate Tripletex with the payment app to automate the payment process through the Tripletex app when the invoice, along with the integrated payment link, is sent to the customer or merchant for further processing.

How does it work?

Once an order is placed, Tripletex imports the customer's contact details and automatically creates an invoice with or without the payment links.


When an order is placed, the payment link is automatically sent to the customer along with the invoice.


When a customer places an order on the webshop, the details are transferred to Tripletex for invoice generation.


Sync your product listings with Tripletex, which lets you keep track of the stock.


Benefits of integrating Tripletex with Cloudify

Sync data

Managing documents

You can scan receipts and invoices by using the Tripletex app and get access to all financial documents in agreement.

Customer info for marketing

Data management

When the sales and finance teams have the same data, your marketing team also gets a boost for additional sales.

Automatic emailing

Designing workflows

Our team can also design workflows to reflect payments in Tripletex using Journal entries.

High feature range

Custom invoicing flow

We design a custom invoicing flow that mimics your current invoicing process.

Built for your accounting needs

Integrating Tripletex with Cloudify will allow your business to achieve a maintenance-free and highly efficient digital accounting architecture.

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