• Automatic Invoice Creation in e-conomic from Shopify Orders: Every time an order is placed in a Shopify store, the app will automatically generate a corresponding invoice in the e-conomic accounting system.
  • Accurate Order and Customer Information: The invoices generated in e-conomic will reflect accurate and detailed information that matches the original order data from Shopify.
  • New Customer Details are Automatically Populated in e-conomic: When a new customer places an order on the Shopify store, their details are not just used for the invoice but are also added to the e-conomic system as a new customer record. This means that the store owner doesn't have to manually input new customer data into their accounting software.
  • Tailored Sync Preferences for a Perfect Integration Experience: This feature gives store owners the ability to customise how and when the data is synced between Shopify and e-conomic. They may set up the system to sync data in real-time or at scheduled intervals, depending on their preference.



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Generate invoices & customers: Shopify to e-conomic

Tailored rules & mapping

Retry sync from Shopify notes


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Generate invoices & customers: Shopify to e-conomic

Tailored rules & mapping

Retry sync from Shopify notes

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One-time setup fee as applicable

Monthly fee based on the transactions

Customized sync rules based on your business needs

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Our app creates a bridge between Shopify and Visma e-conomic, automating data transfer and ensuring that customer details and financial transactions are mirrored accurately in your accounting system.

Yes, security is paramount. Cloudify employs robust encryption and protocols to protect your data during every sync.

Absolutely! Our app allows for flexible mapping so you can align the integration with your specific business needs.

Our unique error message feature, available from the order notes, ensures that no invoice or order creation in e-conomic is missed.

The synchronisation frequency is determined by the integration cycle set up for your store. You can customise this as per your requirements.

Being the official e-conomic partner, Cloudify offers dedicated customer support for the Visma e-conomic integration App. Should you face any challenges, our team is readily available to assist.

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