What is Pipedrive CRM?

Pipedrive is a high user rated, easy to use sales CRM tool that aims at getting you qualified leads and growing your business. It works great with an account management tool that has the ability to gel with the marketing and sales process.

Pipedrive CRM features

Everything in Pipedrive is built on activity-based selling, where you have a total control on the actions.

Managing leads

Pipedrive CRM turns on the tap to gather more legit leads with customizable sales pipeline actions.

Tracking Communication

You have complete control over your communication line, starting with tracking of the calls and emails and scheduling them.

Automating repetitive tasks

With Pipedrive, you can automate the day to day tasks that are manual and repetitive in nature.

Insights on the reports

You can measure your organisation’s performance against the goals that you have set for it.


The privacy and security of your business data is maintained at all costs with a fully transparent system.

Integrations and mobile-friendliness

You can access Pipedrive from anywhere at your fingertip and integrate with sales-driven applications.

Why choose Cloudify for your Pipedrive CRM implementation?


Our Pipedrive implementation experts are ready to help you in making the most of the Pipedrive’s capabilities that will turn your customer experience into a competitive advantage. For making this happen, we focus on low conversation rates of your organisation, scattered customer data, and insufficient sales productivity.


We assist you in customising Pipedrive as per your business needs. Also, we can add up new fields for you.


We save your time and cost by having our implementation expert install, configure and train your sales team using the Pipedrive CRM. We let you get the most out of the Pipedrive through add-on configurations to the already existing functionalities.


If you already use a CRM system, we help you migrate your existing data, contacts, leads and accounts to Pipedrive CRM. We understand that data migration is integral to Pipedrive CRM implementation.


We support you in potentiating your work tools for effective sales management by integrating with other business applications like accounting, email, etc.


We ensure that your team understands the Pipedrive CRM to the core as well as other integrations. We share the tips and tricks that only the Pipedrive experts know.

Dedicated support

We are always here to assist you and your team with simple to complex issues that you face in setting up the Pipedrive.

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