Guesty Integrations with Cloudify

Guesty Integration
CRM systems

With CRM systems

Integrate Guesty with your CRM app that enables you to sync your meetings or reservations, track performances, assign tasks to the teams, and monitor it.

How does it work?

Guesty integration with the CRM app automatically updates your CRM with the customer details who enters the reservation details.


You can automatically create deals in your CRM app when there is a completed reservation in Guesty.

Guesty Integration
Marketing guesty

With Marketing system

Integrate Guesty with your in-bound and out-bound marketing apps to update your contact details in the subscriber’s list when an existing reservation is created Guesty.

How does it work?

When there is a new meeting booked in Guesty, the info is synced to the marketing apps so that you can personalise marketing emails.


Automatically add the contacts in the marketing app when a new reservation is created or updated.

Guesty Integration
Accounting guesty

With accounting system

Integrate Guesty with the accounting app in order to create invoices and customise it based on the entries in the Guesty app.

How does it work?

When there is a new reservation made in Guesty, you can add customised invoices in the accounting app.


Create automatic invoices when a new reservation is done.


Create new customers in the accounting app when new reservations are made in Guesty.


Benefits of integrating Guesty with Cloudify

Real-time business

Real-time business metrics display

With Guesty integration you can add value to your KPIs through meaningful visualisation.

Import data

Import data

With the integration, you can import data relating to customers, payments, invoice items, and reservations.

Internal messaging

Internal messaging

All kinds of relevant messages can be mailed to the customers with Guesty integration.

Automated query responses

Automated query responses

Guesty integration lets you respond to multiple queries in a day.


Cloudify use cases across fields

Centralise your booking system with Guesty integration with Cloudify

Cloudify lets you integrate Guesty with other apps to centralise your bookings, client communications, operational tasks, and more.

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